Windrow Round Bale Net Wrap



Why you should choose the superior quality of windrow.

Windrow Net Wrap has been tested and used on all of the most common types of round baling machines throughout the world.



Windrow Net Wrap is manufactured for all round baling applications.

Windrow Net Wrap is manufactured on the most technically advanced knitting machines available to the textile industry

Windrow Net Wrap is produced from the finest quality raw materials using the most advanced technological processes to assure superior tensile strength throughout the entire net.


Windrow Net Wrap is packaged in a heavy gauge polyethylene sleeve to assure maximum protection from the manufacturing facility to the consumer.

Windrow Net Net is packaged with the convenience of fully adjustable and re-usable caring handles.


Windrow Net Wrap adds the added protection of every roll with the addition of heavy gauge end caps. The heavy gauge end caps assure the security of the sleeve and also protect the integrity the the core during handling and shipping.


Windrow Net Wrap is produced with the added benefit of additional premium quality UV protection.


Windrow Net Wraps optimal performance guarantees full coverage of all bales from side to side.


Windrow Net Wrap is produced with the last 50 metres of the net wrap marked by a red strip to inform the operator that it is necessary to replace the roll.

Last 50 m of the net wrap is marked by a red strip informing the operator that it is necessary to prepare a new roll.


Continuous quality control measures during the production process in accordance with ISO certification guarantees that every roll of Windrow Net Wrap is of perfect quality.

Windrow Net Wrap is 100% quality guaranteed

Windrow Net Wrap is available in two distinct designs to meet your personal baling requirements


Classic Net Wrap

Reinforced Net Wrap